Quality Sliding Scale Counseling at a Fee You Can Afford

I (Gene Obersinner, LCSW) see clients on a sliding scale fee basis from my office in downtown Eugene, Oregon. What is a sliding scale? Essentially, it is the fee scale within which your per-session counseling rate is established.

My fee scale ranges from $40-85 per session, depending on your financial situation. True to the commitment of a partnership with my clients, I work with you to set a fee that is acceptable to all concerned. If you're wondering why I do not accept insurance, I speak to that in greater detail in the next section. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: While I do not bill insurance directly, I do allow the client to petition their insurance provider for reimbursement via a "Superbill" process. This is similar to that used by many other mental health and medical professionals. Feel free to ask me about this when we speak!

Unlike most therapists and agencies, you will have almost no wait period from the time you make first contact until your first appointment. I am able to see most clients within a few days, if needed, and often the next day. 

sliding scaleGene Obersinner, LCSW

Why I do not accept insurance (and how this can work to your advantage)

I do not accept health insurance of any kind. This was a conscious choice that I made when I began Empowerment Counseling Associates. Why did I do this? Let me explain why, and how this can be to your benefit:

* No third party making decisions about your care. Insurance companies don't get to decide whether or not you are appropriate for services. 

* Less wait time. Since I am able to adjust the flow of clients to my own workload, I have a system that allows me to see people very quickly, usually within a week (contrast this with many if not most mental health providers who have a waiting period of weeks or even months). 

*No session limits based on how 'un-well' you are. You and I get to decide how long we will work together

* The lower end of my sliding scale is very competitive with most insurance co-payments for mental health care

* Less paperwork for both of us. This gives us more time and energy to focus on what really matters--your health and well-being!

For all of these reasons, it is my firm belief that most people will receive as good or better care in the short and long run by working with a provider who works independently of the current insurance system. 

I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to contact me for a consultation today!

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