Personal Support Worker Specialist

by Cheryl
(Eugene, Oregon )

Becoming friends with Co-Workers has been my best and favorite way to help take care of myself while working in this very rewarding and challenging field. Become friends with as many as you see fit. They are pretty much experiencing similar to what you are for 40 waking hours a week . I've found this to be a great relief. Not feeling alone. You root for each other. You celebrate each other's work and life victories, you laugh and you are by each other's side during tough times. You're right down the hall. You have each other's back. You are allies. You are office spouses.
Wonderful work
Take care,

Cheryl Jeanneret
Personal Support Worker
Eugene, Oregon

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May 27, 2016
Great point
by: Gene

Yes Cheryl, some of the most wonderful people I've met have been folks that I've worked with, and shared successes and heartbreaks with. We need each other in this work, for sure.

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