Consultation Services for Your Team

I offer consultation for businesses and groups. This is something I have done numerous times over the years and thoroughly enjoy. These services include: 

  • Specific to Human Services Teams: Educating and empowering your employees to successfully cope with the stress and secondary trauma that come with human services work. I have years of experience in helping staff learn to not only endure but thrive in human services workplace environments. My experience includes over 20 years in human services agencies, as well as 4 years of consulting with agency leadership and teams. 
  • De-escalation training for your staff team: Learning evidence-based methods for successfully de-escalating and redirecting individuals who are angry, frustrated, fearful, etc. I have many years of experience in this role, having been trained as a de-escalation trainer and working in an environment where these skills were fundamental to my own health and safety!
  • Team building: This process entails working closely with agency leadership, clarifying goals and objectives, and then (if necessary) meeting with the larger staff team or teams to solidify this throughout your agency/company.

The Power of Synergy

Let's face it: It is very discouraging to have a team of capable individuals that aren't working well together. I know. I've been there. On the other hand, if you've seen (or been lucky enough to be a part of) teams that are well-led and truly working with one another, then you have a good idea of what can be achieved when a team of capable individuals works well together. 
I've seen this too. It's inspiring. More importantly, it boggles the mind when one sees the difference between a team that works well together and one that does not. 

What does it come down to? Leadership. The managers and team leaders must lead effectively--including by example--in order to get the best from those working under them. 

Want to get there? I can help. Contact me for a consultation. 

My Leadership Philosophy

The best way to describe my leadership philosophy is 

* Empowering your team members to work together in the best manner possible and maximize their potential

* Getting the best possible results out of your teams

* Lead by example

* Promote trust and cooperation between leaders and team members, and within team members

Beyond this, I refer you to a link that will elaborate on getting the best results out of one's team members. This link details 15 fundamental points of leadership from the famous John Wooden, coach of UCLA basketball from 1948-75 and widely acknowledged as one of the most successful coaches in the history of sports.

It's also worth noting that friends and associates of Mr. Wooden noted that he was 1) one of the happiest people they ever met and 2) responsible for mentoring the vast majority of his student athletes in a such a way that they became very successful in life. 

There you have it. You now have a very good idea about my philosophy with regard to performing consultation for businesses.

Fees for Consultation Services

Fees are negotiable and depend on the type and quantity of services desired. I have a solid track record in my ability to facilitate excellent consultation for businesses.

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